Wilson Elementary is 1:1

Excitement is in the air around Wilson Elementary School because we are now a 1 to 1 school. This means that every classroom is fully equipped as 21st Century learning environment with chromebooks available for every 2nd-5th grade student.  At Wilson, 21st Century learning means expanding beyond math and reading into digital literacy, global citizenship, teamwork, problem solving, and leadership.  We are working hard to give our students the foundational skills needed to prepare them for the technology jobs that haven’t even been created yet. 
In addition, Wilson Teachers are well connected, too.  Many classrooms have Twitter accounts, websites, and blogs where parents can see what’s happening throughout the day.  Teachers are also using Twitter and attending national conferences in order to connect, learn, and network with other educators around the world!  21st Century learning is definitely the way we do business at Wilson Elementary School! 
Students holding laptops