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Joan Schumann, PhD., Elementary Principal

Dear Wilson Families,

Thank you for entrusting your children with us! I am honored to serve as Principal of Wilson Elementary and support your children in their growth and development through the elementary years. This year, my focus will be on rebuilding and reconnecting as a school community as well as identifying and remediating learning lost from past educational disruptions. 

While the global pandemic may have caused divisions without our community, there is also an opportunity to reunite for the benefit of our students. Together, we will continue to focus on our school’s health and safety, academic achievement, and social-emotional wellbeing. Please join me in supporting our students as they return to normalcy this year by getting involved in PTA-sponsored events, Parent Information Sessions, school fundraisers, and other campus activities. Reach out at any time to have a chat or learn more about what we’re doing to support your children this year.

In partnership, 
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Dr. Joan Schumann
Principal, Wilson Elementary
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